Passion Isn’t Everything, But It Helps You Take Action


I agree with Cal Newport that following your passion is not a reliable way to stumble upon success.

You need more than passion, but it does have a use.

Passion makes you want to take action. It serves as a reminder that without your enthusiasm, you won’t break through to the big answers.

Even the most passionate person has their fair share of difficult days. But over time, they develop greater purpose and direction. Cal Newport explains, you need to develop passion rather than discover it:

“This path might be longer and more complicated than what most upbeat career guides might preach, but it’s a path much more likely to lead you somewhere worth going.” Cal Newport

While passion shouldn’t be the main focus, a lack of passion altogether will lead to other problems. The drive to get things out of the way means you could start looking for quick fixes. But quick fixes are pointless when you’re not committed. They only work as part of the bigger picture, when you’re already competent at something and you find a way to speed up your proficiency or bypass a difficult issue.

But as a cheat? Quick fixes don’t help in the long term. They may look good for a moment, but they won’t take you to the next level. You need drive for that.

No matter how much passion you’ve got, you can’t do things alone. Ask for help and assistance. At the same time, make sure that you stay on your own path. Any offer of help that requires you to take a detour should be considered very carefully, if at all.

Then there’s the case of waiting to be given all the answers. Expecting to be told what to do is a false trail. Over many years of schooling, you may have learned to follow instructions on what to do when and how to give the right answers. Things aren’t that simple outside of the school setting. You need to guide yourself some of the way, even when you do get brilliant help from wonderful people.

Never forget that you’re in control and you have the ultimate choice.



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