Mind Your Higher Ed 002 – Registrar Life With Dr. Paul Greatrix

What on earth does a university Registrar do? That’s what you’ll get an insight into on Episode 002 of MYHE.


I got the chance to interview Dr. Paul Greatrix, Registrar at the University of Nottingham. And the show’s packed with so much great content.

What You’ll Hear

  • How wide-ranging and different each Registrar’s remit can be.
  • Why it’s so important to understand multiple perspectives and to ask the right questions.
  • What league tables are good for and where they can pose problems.
  • Who the Hide and Seek Society apparently cause trouble for (and how they always deny it).
  • Taking the smooth with the rough (AKA, always looking for a funny angle).
  • What Paul did to help students engage with life, the university, and everything…

Shownotes & Timestamps

03:20 – What is a registrar? What do they do?

06:20 – No one job description is ever the same for the role.

07:30 – Specialising in the general and why that’s a great thing.

09:30 – Constant questioning and the pace of change.

11:30 – Why strategic planning and governance are so important.

13:30 – Doing lots of work online “in the gaps”.

15:50 – How the online work is necessary, so long as it’s part of a balanced approach.

17:20 – Have we reached “peak league table” and does Paul see more big hitters or niche players?

20:00 – How to use league tables wisely and take on board many other factors.

24:40 – Taking a look at the more light-hearted (and sometimes dubious) league tables.

28:00 – True crime on campus. The popularity of Paul’s web series.

31:00 – The serious side of security on campus. Why Paul is full of admiration for university security teams.

33:00 – The importance of sharing humour in HE.
Sir Anthony Seldon – On Twitter as @AnthonySeldon
Tracy Playle – Runs Pickle Jar Communications. On Twitter as @tracyplayle

37:00 – Some of the biggest challenges in HE right now.

39:30 – So much is different in HE, so much is the same.

40:30 – The one…okay, the two things most important to Paul in higher education.

43:00 – A “common reference point” for Nottingham students through the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

45:00 – Paul online at wonkhe.com and as @registrarism on Twitter.

Music is by “From the Dust” and released under Creative Commons. Check out their music at soundcloud.com/ftdmusic/



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