Mind Your Higher Ed 001 – Introducing the MYHE Manifesto

Welcome to a brand new show about working in and around higher education. Today, I introduce the Mind Your Higher Ed Manifesto.

Mind Your Higher Ed - MYHE

What You’ll Hear

  • All about me, the show, and what’s in it for you.
  • My 10-point manifesto, which could stretch beyond HE and is more about improving communication and bridging gaps.
  • The difficulties (and uses) of using terms like ‘we’ and ‘the sector’.
  • Why it’s sometimes okay to summarise decades of detailed research in a couple of sentences.
  • And much more…

Shownotes & Timestamps

02:40 – Plans for the show.
06:00 – Always #LoveHE even when there are challenges. [#LoveHE LinkedIn group] 09:20 – Seek to bridge gaps at every opportunity.
11:00 – Understand that there are MANY different points of view.
15:50 – Explore as much of the depth and breadth of HE as you can.
18:30 – Everything is connected, no matter how disjointed it feels/appears.
Ronald Barnett – Being a University
Stefan Collini – What are Universities For?
22:30 – Simplify where necessary, dig deeper where necessary.
I mention a story on a podcast. It’s from episode 113c of the Three Month Vacation.
26:00 – Give the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise.
27:20 – Move beyond your own/current networks and communities.
29:40 – Embrace students and staff alike.
32:00 – This is MYHE, your HE, our HE.
36:00 – Summing up the 10-point MYHE Manifesto and reiterating those points.

Music is by “From the Dust” and released under Creative Commons. Check out their music at soundcloud.com/ftdmusic/

Your Manifesto Suggestions & Guest Suggestions

The aim of MYHE is to showcase the many diverse voices in higher education. Let me know who you would love to hear on the show, giving their take on HE and the work they do within the sector.

I’ve given ten points in the manifesto. What resonates with you? Is something missing? What points would you add to it?

Leave a comment below or get in touch via Twitter. Find me there @universityboy



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