Learning Always 002 – What’s It All About?

It’s time to bridge gaps, find potential, and embrace the learning journey.

Welcome to Episode 002 of “Learning, Always”.


What You’ll Hear on Today’s Show

  • What the Learning Always Network is all about.
  • How things need to evolve, even when you have plans in place.
  • Why you can’t do everything alone.
  • Where my learning journey is going with audio.

Shownotes & Timestamps

02:00 – Finding the potential for new shows. And learning while we’re at it.
04:00 – A journey of evolution.
05:20 – Why I’m going where the audio is. Follow along with the slightly polished transcript over at TheUniversityBlog.
15:20 – Building bridges, bridging gaps, and working better together.
16:40 – Get in contact! Best way…Tweet me @universityboy.

Now all three shows on the Learning Always Network have been introduced. TUB-Thump, Mind Your Higher Ed (MYHE), and this show, Learning Always.

Watch this space for manifestos relating to each of these podcasts. They’ll be dropping soon, to help you think about your own learning journeys, no matter what stage you’re at along the path.



I am a writer, who also runs TheUniversityBlog. If that site isn't enough of a clue, I have a love of all things Higher Education. I'm also interested in learning about learning about learning about learning...let's get meta!

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