Learning, Always 001 – Embrace the Everyday

After TUB-Thump and Mind Your Higher Ed, it’s time for the namesake show for the Learning Always Network.

It’s time to introduce “Learning, Always”.


Learning Always is a show about how we perceive learning, how to find what works for you, and how learning is the cornerstone of practically everything we do.

In this inaugural episode, I revisit four pieces of writing to give a flavour of what’s to come with the show. Links to the original essays are in the shownotes below, in case you’d like to read along. Well, other than the moments where I’ve added a bit extra!

What You’ll Hear on Today’s Episode

  • How to embrace learning and make it part of your everyday life.
  • Four essays on the learning process.
  • Where to find the joy in everything you do.
  • What matters when it comes to your development.

Shownotes & Timestamps

05:00 – Every day is a learning day. – Essay the first.
08:30 – Look for opportunities, whatever your situation. “Actively seek out new opportunities and pursue them all you can.” – Essay the second.
12:40 – Love of learning through the work of play. – Essay the third.
18:40 – How to embrace learning even when you have no context in your history. – Essay the fourth.
27.00 – Signing off and firing up.

Links & Resources Mentioned

Simple Wikipedia



LinkedIn Learning

Episode 002 will be up straight after this, with more on the aims of the Learning Always Network and what I’m looking for out of this show in particular.



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