Declan Wilson Steps Forward With SHRPA – Learning Always 004

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of chatting with Declan Wilson.

In the interview, for today’s edition of Learning Always, Declan talks about confidence, making plans, seeing the difference between goals and life dreams, and why it’s so important to find support along your learning journey.

Declan’s new company, SHRPA, helps you clarify, plan and execute your goals. And his book, The Millennial Way, is about taking action by “Stepping Up”, “Stepping Out” and “Stepping Forward”. We discuss these more in the show.

Declan is a blogger with a full-time job on the side. And that’s not to mention the time he spends with his family (who you can see more of through his Snapchat account).

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What You’ll Learn About on Today’s Show

  • How accountability buddies not only keep you going, but can help you get there quicker.
  • Why it’s so useful to find our inner child again.
  • When it’s time to put in the work, rather than look for a hack.
  • Why failure is practically a feature of the bigger picture, even when your main thrust is finding success.
  • And much more…

Shownotes & Timestamps

03:50 – How much can children help adults learn about learning?

06:20 – On the search for individuals who were looking to do things differently. Declan explains what it means to “Step Up”.

08:40 – What people can do to gain confidence in stepping up. Why trying something new every day is a great way to overcome fear.

12:10 – There’s nothing wrong with saying “I don’t know,” so long as you develop a plan to find out.

13:30 – Things go right, things go wrong. The importance of knowing that failure cannot be avoided, and how to embrace your bumpy journey.

15:30 – Declan explains what it means to “Step Up”, to “Step Out” and to “Step Forward”. On Hobbits, kilns, and horizons…

18:50 – Declan’s main goal right now isn’t his life dream. Once you reach goals, you need to keep stepping forward.

20:20 – Stepping up is tough, but necessary.

21:10 – Your easy is another person’s revelation.

23:30 – How to give yourself permission. “Just own it.

25:30 – You never reach the horizon. So do you keep stepping toward it on your journey, or does there come a stopping point? Declan says he’s stepping away from one thing so he can step forward in a new direction.

28:30 – Declan’s learning journey and why communities are crucial to it.

30:50 – Having others hold you accountable. And how they can push you further.

32:10 – 8 weeks to start a business.

33:10 – “We all have hopes and dreams. It’s not just reserved for the younger generations.

35:40 – “Your journey is your bowl. Don’t make it bigger than it needs to be.” I like this quote from Declan’s book, The Millennial Way. I explain how your supportive community can help make your bowl bigger in a positive way.

38:30 – “Every time I keep trying something new, it’s a new thing that I’ve learned, and I’m able to tackle it again with a bit more confidence.

40:50 – Life hacks and quick fixes: When they work and when they don’t.

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