“What if you could always be in a state where learning feels effortless, all the time? That’s what we strive for. Learning shouldn’t be a chore.”

We’re Martin and Natalie. Hello. We love learning and want to help you love learning too.

Learning, Always - Martin & Natalie

Every day is steeped in learning. But how much do we notice the process? What can we do to learn things that don’t feel enjoyable? Why does some learning come naturally while other concepts are an uphill struggle?

Here at “Learning, Always”, we want to learn about learning and we want to do it with you.

If you keep putting off that new language course, if you’re letting that musical instrument gather dust, if you wish you had tried harder to understand those mathematical concepts, welcome to a site that will help get you back on track with maximum enjoyment and minimum effort.

Minimum effort? Doesn’t learning require hard work. Well, yes it does. The good news is, that hard work doesn’t have to feel like hard work at all.

Think of the sports team you support, or your favourite TV show, or the new smartphone you’ve excitedly mastered in moments, or that hobby you spend so much spare time on, or the friends you know so much about…All these things required you to learn about them. And you’re still learning.

Imagine if you could recreate that feeling where the learning is effortless and you hardly notice the process. Just think, anything you put your mind to could open up a host of new experiences and not feel like a chore at all.

That’s what we strive for. This is where we work together with you and find out how to make the learning journey an experience that we want to travel through forever.

Would you like to boost your ability and have fun in the process? Then join us and join in!

Martin is a writer, who also runs TheUniversityBlog and has a love of all things Higher Education.

Natalie has spent many years employed as a scientist. More recently, Natalie developed a strong interest (both general and personal) in how and why people learn. This interest led to the creation of the site you’re currently on, “Learning, Always”.

If you wish to get in contact with either of us, use the form below. We’re happy to hear from other avid learners.



I am a writer, who also runs TheUniversityBlog. If that site isn't enough of a clue, I have a love of all things Higher Education. I'm also interested in learning about learning about learning about learning...let's get meta!

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